16 Channel Power Supply

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BrandSecure eye Model1600-IB

Eco Smart – Energy Efficient:

• Muli-mode control maximizes efficiency over full load range
• No-load consumption below 30 mW at 230 VAC
• >75% efficiency with 1 W input at 230 VAC
• >50% efficiency with 0.1 W input at 230 VAC
• Compensation on over line limits overload power
• Fully integrated soft-start for minimum start-up stress

Extensive Protection Features:

• Auto-restart limits power delivery to 3% during overload faults
• Output short-circuit protection (SCP)
• Output overload/over-current protection (OPP, OCP)
• Optional extended shutdown delay time
• Output overvoltage protection (OVP), auto-restart or latching
• Line brown-in/out protection (line UV)
• Line overvoltage (OV) shutdown extends line surge withstand
• Accurate thermal shutdown (OTP), hysteretic or latching